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New projects! Say hi to Ethiopia

We're back! And we've been busy...

We are proud to announce that these past months we have worked hard and were granted four new projects! We are currently busy with the kick off of these projects and with making all kinds of plans. Exciting!

The first project we would like to introduce is the one in Ethiopia, in which we will be working together with Youth and Education Support Service (YESS) Ethiopia and their founder and our partner: Fikadu Reta Alemayehu! We are very excited to finally start a project together. 

The project is called:

"Training programme to build a gender responsive agricultural vocational training system and promoting female entrepreneurship within SNNPRS Ethiopia"

It is a Tailor-Made Training (TMT) for Nuffic's Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP). Together with YESS Ethiopia, we will plan a series of short training sessions for the requesting organization: Wolaita Sodo Agricultural TVET College. Their goal is to create a more gender-responsive learning environment, set up a women empowerment programme and facilitate a smooth transition to the labour market (or self-employment) for all. We are going to support Wolaita Sodo in ensuring adequate support for female and vulnerable students throughout these programs. 

We will be using the training-of-trainers approach over a period of eight months, meaning we will be working with the staff members of Wolaita Sodo!  

We are currently designing a gender assessment for Wolaita Sodo to do. Through this self-assessment, we gain a lot of insight into the status quo and we try to find new opportunities for improvement. Once the initial assessment is completed, there will be a series of online trainings, followed by three "on-the-ground" training sessions. These sessions will consist of three work packages: 
1) Gender and inclusion: an introduction to gender concepts, roles, power relations, stereotypes, frameworks, and strategies. 
2) Gender-responsive learning environment: targeting the needs of female and vulnerable students, gender mainstreaming, and gender and inclusion policies. 
3) Incubation and entrepreneurial skills: access to resources, building the entrepreneurial mindset and skills, identifying market opportunities, and sustainable business models. 

A final symposium will then be organized to share main insights and lessons on gender and inclusion with the higher learning environment and the industry. This symposium will help sustain the long-term impact of the TMT. And finally, we will provide follow-up, evaluation and mentorship in relation to the application of skills and knowledge acquired during the training sessions. 

Interested? Or do you have any questions? 
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