Julot Westermeijer

My name is Julot and I am currently studying Environment & Resource Management, with a specialization in global food systems. During my bachelor's degree in Communication Science, I spent a semester in Canada following several courses on Women's and Gender studies. I learned about gender in the general discourse, organizations and public policy. After my bachelor's degree, I spent about 7 months travelling, mainly in Southeast Asia and Australia. After my current studies, I hope to do an internship in Kenya and gain some more hands-on experience.

Elisa Matola

Advisory Board (chair)

An emergent gender specialist with strong expertise in organizational change with focus to institutional change to achieve inclusiveness and gender equality end equity. I work with and for the government, NGOs, Civil Society and groups from different backgrounds to help build capacity in gender equality, empowerment and promotion of women´s right. I perform gender research, analysis, trainings, speeches, undertake gender-sensitive evaluations and coach managers through gender sensitive projects development, data management plans and reinforce data collection processes and reports. Throw these activities and others I help to build capacity of institutions throw identification of specific gaps and needs and co-creation of a training and technical support programs for the project staff to incorporate in a gender action plans (GAP).

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