Julot Westermeijer

My name is Julot and I am currently studying Environment & Resource Management, with a specialization in global food systems. During my bachelor's degree in Communication Science, I spent a semester in Canada following several courses on Women's and Gender studies. I learned about gender in the general discourse, organizations and public policy. After my bachelor's degree, I spent about 7 months travelling, mainly in Southeast Asia and Australia. After my current studies, I hope to do an internship in Kenya and gain some more hands-on experience.

Boaz Liesdek

Strategic Consultant

I’m an international development professional with a strong background in agriculture. Throughout my work in developing country settings I have been confronted with inequality in all its forms; from limited livelihood opportunities for youth and women due to lack of land rights and limited financial resources to disadvantaged women and girls in access to training and education. These experiences have made it clear to me that women, the backbone of the family and bedrock of a nation, are facing serious challenges. When looking closely at the domination and confinement of women around the globe, it rests on the cultural beliefs and conditioning that have created a rift between men and women. This is where I believe Gender2Connect can make a difference, in supporting the reconnection between men and women. I believe it is of importance that men become aware of their role in maintaining this rift, actively engage in the discussion, advocate, and take action to establish gender equity. Especially in this time of transition, the key for progress is gender equity, the fairness of treatment for men and women according to their respective needs. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

Due to my background in agribusiness and value chain development, I have developed an interest and expertise in the fields of agricultural market development and entrepreneurship. I believe these fields play key roles in the improvement of jobs and livelihoods opportunities for youth and women. Through focusing on gender and youth inclusive agri-food chains, and identifying opportunities within these value chains, we are able to introduce tailored solutions including sustainable agricultural practices, innovative technologies for productivity increase, and improved market access for farmers. I believe we can truly make a difference by taking a market-oriented approach. 

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